General Computer Accounts/Login Information

New Accounts

In order to get an account, you must fill out a rules form. Once you have done so, change your password. As is always good policy when choosing a password, do not use words, and use a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols (though not all symbols are allowed). Passwords longer than eight characters will be truncated, so choose accordingly. In order to actually change your password, type passwd at the Unix prompt.

Skeleton Directory

A skeleton set of files is placed in your /home directory when you get an account. To get your directory back to this default, the original files can be copied from /home/apps/sparc/adm/skel/ to your home directory.

Your Webpage

Once you have an account, you can create a webpage on the ugastro server. Simply create a directory called public_html in your home directory, and create a file called index.html as your homepage. If you do so, then will be the URL for your homepage. Depending upon what your default file permissions settings are, someone trying to view your webpage might encounter the message "Forbidden: You don't have permission to access..." If this happens, simply type chmod 755 public_html at the Unix terminal while in your home directory, which will allow people other than yourself to access (but not edit) your website.