Nick Choksi

Nick Choksi

Contact: or find me somewhere around Campbell Hall

I'm a fifth year graduate student and NSF Fellow in the Department of Astronomy at UC Berkeley. I work with Eugene Chiang on problems in planet formation and dynamics. I also received my undergraduate degrees in physics and astrophysics from Berkeley in 2019. As an undergrad I mostly worked with Oleg Gnedin on modeling the formation of stellar clusters across cosmic time.

Berkeley Astronomy
Berkeley Physics


dynamics, planet formation, planet-disk hydrodynamic simulations, chondrule formation, globular clusters
CV and publications (first-author and all).

Some past talks:
Are globular clusters simple after all?
The star clusters that make black hole binaries across cosmic time


I grew up in the suburbs of southeastern Michigan before I ran away from the cold and moved to Berkeley. In my free time, I play tennis, dabble in the nerd grab bag of books and television (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings...), eat too much hummus, and play with my dog, Hank.