Bay Area Science Festival (2X)

I went to the San Francisco Giants ballpark (Fall 2017 and Fall 2018) and have our SPS table where I used Van De Graff generator to impress people by making their hair fly up. I also demonstrated the Moment of Inertia and Torque using other demos.


Groups of kids come to UC Berkeley during the March 2018 weekend and we, SPS, instructed all the kids and parents to hold hands, forming a chain. I used the Van de Graff to charge the first person up and then instruceted that person to high five the start of the chain of 20 people. All 20 people felt a small electric shock because they all conducted electricity by holding hands.

Cal Day

I was part of SPS table that helped represent Berkeley physics department and make a good impression with demos like the linear polarizer and the Van de Graff to prospective students of UC Berkeley Physics majors.

Berkeley sunday street

I had my best attempt at illustrating the electric field because a young girl volunteered to get charged up by my Van de Graff generator and I generated enough energy from my arms that her hair is completly seperated and flying up. hair

middle school tour of UC Berkeley Physics

One day is summer 2018, groups of middle schoolers came to LeConte Hall and me and two other SPS officers showed and explained those middle schoolers some interesting demos such as the spring, vibrator that makes patterns.