Welcome to Andrew Hsu personal website

I recently got an Astrophysics BA degree from UC Berkeley. I am doing research on Neptune dark spot and Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus atmosphere. My goal is to go to grad school starting fall 2020, with 19-20 school year as a gap year between undergrad and grad.


I'm interested in studying the outer planets in the solar system. Mostly Neptune and Jupiter. I have been working with Mike Wong and he is a researcher who is part of Imke De Pater's group Imke De Pater. By working with Mike Wong I am part of the OPAL program led by Amy Simon of NASA Goddard which observes each of the 4 outer planet every year. More details here.


I was a webmaster for the society of physics students from August 2017 to May 2019. I am the best at updating the website. I put up weekly problem of the week and weekly problem solver of the week on top of the website. I participated in several SPS outreach events and mainly worked on making people hair fly up using the Ven der Graff generator.