The Leuschner Radio Dish - Technical Information

Nyles - The Lueschner Dish Control Computer =

Remote Login:  ssh

Before you take data you must start the sampler program.
after login type:  xterm&
in new xterm-window type:  quadpulsar

circuit.pdf (Electronics Schematic)

Pointing the dish with IDL [note:  result is zero if dish pointed correctly]
result=point2(alt=alt, az=az)
result=point2(/home)   ; you only need to do this once when observing begins

alt_limit.pdf (Plot of the minimum altitude limits for the x-y mount)
alt_limit.sav (IDL save file used to make alt_limit.pdf)

IDL script to see if pointing to (alt, az) is allowed by the limits:
restore, 'alt_limit.sav',/verbose
if alt gt alt_limit[round(az)] then r=point2(alt=alt,az=az) - IDL data aquisition procedure:
details about (and

Local Oscillator frequency control IDL procdedure
wavetek, frequency

Example:  Our final L.O. is set to 150 MHz, so to observe the frequency of 1420.4MHz,
wavtek, 150e6+1420.4e6
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