Technical Specifications of the X-Band Interferometer



Dish Diameter

Frequency Range

Horizon limits


Pointing Limits

There are some limits on where the telescope can point, summarized in the table below. Furthermore, the telescope cannot arbitrarily go to any position from any other position, the forward or reverse keyword may have to be applied. Also, the telescope may move the dishes to azimuths greater than 90° if this causes less motion on the dish. Pay attention for supplimentary angles on the report of the dish positions.

Forward11° < 87°52° < 316°
Reverse11° < 87°51° < 315°

Pointing Corrections

2007 Pointing Corrections (point.config2):
West (degrees)East (degrees)
alt dial constant-0.58-0.88
az dial constant-2.9+3.2

2006 Pointing Corrections (point.config2):
West (degrees)East (degrees)
alt dial constant-0.5-0.6
az dial constant-3.0+3.3

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