Astronomical Spectroscopy: Detecting A Transiting Exoplanet
Starts October 16, 2012
Due November 6, 2012

Lab 4 Instructions

Important note:
We will be observing on the Leuschner Observatory 1m telescope throughout the first week (one group at a time). This will be done remotely from the Undergraduate Lab. You will have become familiar with the observing procedure during our field trip to Leuschner on October 18.

The CCD camera on the Leuschner Observatory 1m telescope.

Leuschner Observatory webpage  (includes some weather links and a webcam)
Telescope webcam  (requires password)
Telescope Power Controller  (requires password)
Telescope User's Manual (pdf)
Observing Software User's Manual (pdf)

Weather links:
West Coast satellite animation (visible)
West Coast satellite animation (infrared)
West Coast satellite animation (water vapor)
7-day forecast from the National Weather Service

Introduction to CCD detectors by James Graham (pdf)
CCD Noise handout by James Graham (pdf)
Maximum Likelihood handout by James Graham (pdf)
Astronomical coordinates by James Graham (pdf)

Useful Links:
NASA's Kepler mission
The California Planet Survey
The Exoplanet Transit Database
The Extrasolar Planet Encyclopaedia
The Eclipsing Binary Ephemeris Generator
A Handy Finding Chart Generator

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