GPIB Equipment

IDL connects to GPIB equipment through a Prologix® Ethernet to GPIB interface adapter.

GPIB Adapater Settings

Campbell 705:

The network settings are saved on the onboard memory and will not need to be changed. The adapter only accepts one open connection at a time. If two users are simultaneously trying to communicate to the adapter, only the first open connection will have access and the second will be refused. If a user had a computer or application crash while a connection was opened, no new connections will be accepted. To clear this problem, the adapter must have its power cycled. To do this, unplug the adapter and wait a couple of seconds before plugging it back in. It is important to mention that the likelihood of a hung connection is low since the IDL routines have the connection opened for less than a second at a time.

IDL Commands that use the GPIB adapter - and

HP 3478A Digital Voltmeter


hp_dvm, mode=mode, range=range, zero=zero, reading=reading, take=take, verbose=verbose

NOTE: Run hp_dvm without any arguments to get the help page


hp_dvm, mode=1, range=8, reading=user_variable, /take


    Mode is set to DC Volts and Range set to AutoRange. Voltage reading is taken and stored into user_variable

hp_dvm, /zero


    DVM is zeroed (Use this with care, maybe if there is an offset even if everything is unplugged from the dvm)

hp_dvm, /take


    Voltage is read and output to screen ONLY, set reading to a user variable for the value to be stored

MODE: Options
mode = Set to Measure
1 DC Volts
2 AC Volts
3 DC Amps
4 AC Amps
5 2-Wire Ohm
6 4-wire Ohm
RANGE: Options
range = Range set to
-2 30 mV DC
-1 300mV AC/DC or 300mA AC/DC
0 3 V AC/DC or 3 A AC/DC
1 30 V AC/DC or 30 Ohm
2 300 V AC/DC or 300 Ohm
3 3K Ohm
4 30K Ohm
5 300K Ohm
6 3M Ohm
7 30M Ohm
8 Auto-Range

Keyword Parameters


  /take keyword must be set in order for a measurement to be taken. If not set, no measurement will be taken even if "reading" variable was declared.


  /zero keyword zeros the dvm. This can be useful if signal is known to be zero but offset voltage still exists.


  /verbose keyword is used mainly for debugging purposes. Keyword sets procedure to output various diagnostic messages to assist in troubleshooting.

Stanford Research Systems DS345 Synthesizer


set_srs, frq=frq, vpp=vpp, dbm=dbm, off=off, phs=phs, srs2=srs2, help=help

NOTE: Run set_srs, /help to get the help page


set_srs, frq=5e6, dbm=5, /srs2


    SRS2 is set to 5MHz sine wave with a 5dBm amplitude

set_srs, frq=1e7, vpp=3, off=1


    SRS1 is set to 10MHz sine wave with a 3V peak to peak amplitude and 1V positive offset Options
Parameter: Definitions: Restrictions:
frq Frequency [Hz] 0 < frq < 30e6
vpp Peak-to-Peak Voltage [V] -5 < vpp < 5 V Note: Voltage may clip if off is large
dbm milli-deciBell Amplitude [dBm] -36 < dbm < +23 Note: Voltage may clip if off is large
off DC Offset Voltage [V] -5 < off < 5 V Note: Voltage may clip if dbm or vpp is large
phs Phase Offset [degrees] 0 < phs < 7200

Keyword Parameters


  Use /srs2 keyword to control the SRS2 Synthesizer. If keyword is not set, procedure defaults to SRS1 control.


  Use /help keyword without any other arguments to bring up the help screen.

Information on GPIB Adapter

The Prologix manufacturers site can be found here
The Prologix Manual can be found here